Airline snacks specialist for more than 7 years

Airline snacks specialist for more than 7 years

Snackboxtogo is airline snacks specialist for over 7 years now! Every day we are making progress to produce and provide high quality inflight snacks all over the world. We started 7 years ago in Europe, but we have grown ever since and are now a worldwide partner in airline snacks! Not only complimentary snacks for airlines but we also provide complimentary meals and business class meals as well as snacks and high-quality food solutions for first class. This makes Snackboxtogo an all-round airplane partner in food! Our experience with airline snacks has grown exponential in the past 7 years. For example, one of our new product developments is a delicious gourmet onboard soup!

Our assortment of airline snacks comes in two categories: frozen and ambient.

Our frozen snacks will either be heated onboard or will be thawed and served. Those snack products are perfect for buy-on-board as well as complimentary options. When you are looking for products that can be loaded onboard for a longer time, we also offer an ambient range of products. These airline snacks are especially ideal for a buy-on-board menu, but complimentary is also possible naturally. The ambient airline snacks are easy to store, you have less waste than frozen food for example. Most of the Snackboxtogo ambient range are sweet products like granola and yoghurt or ambient cakes and can be served as an in between snack. This is a little bit different with our frozen products, which can also serve an airlines flight lunch.

Our assortment is made as a multiple option range. In this way we can combine our products if you are looking for a complimentary meal for example. Most products are also perfect as airline snack for economy or business class! We are extremely flexible with our assortment and are always looking for new opportunities and solutions to serve our partners as good as possible.

Besides our standard inflight snack range it is also a possibility to work with each other on the development side! Since we have built a big network in the past, we are flexible and fast on the development side. This offers many opportunities for your organization. We are a dynamic and easy to adjust and adapt to new circumstances.

New solutions for airline snacks is what we are searching for every day!

A good example was the moment we got hit with the covid-19 pandemic. Of course the airline industry took big hits and were looking for ways to transport their passengers in a responsible way. As Snackboxtogo we made a Covid-19 proof package with a mouth mask and hand gel to disinfect your hands when needed. In this way the necessary traveling could get on. Of course, this was an exceptional situation because normally we only supply food products.

Are you looking for airline snacks, complimentary meals, buy-on-board products or business/first class meals/snacks? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are always open for new opportunities and new inquiries!

Let us be your partner and make our journey together a great success.


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