How do you survive an internship during COVID?

How do you survive an internship during COVID?

Being a 14 year student in 2022 is not easy.. How do you get an internship during a pandemic? In the Netherlands it is a custom that young students experience companies from within to investigate what they like and what they don’t like..

I had it all planned out with one of my best friends, we would followthe internship but my friends school ended the whole internship so I ended updoing it on my one. I followed the internship at Snackbox TO-GO with myattended Jeroen Kosterman.


I was very excited to start the internship because I’m very interestedin his business. On my first day at the office I had a good day right away Ifollowed a meeting with Japan and I got to know all the colleagues.


The next day of my internship I got to meet a lot of people. Alle thosepeople came to discuss about their factory’s and how they could work togetherand how they could get the best out of their product for the client. I alsomade some pictures for a client and tried a few products from snackbox to-goand I really liked them.


On day 3 I visited a big chip factory in Limburg the factory makes alkind of different fries and we went there to talk about a big new contract inJapan. It was a whole new experience for me I have never been to a place likethat it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot also.


On day 4 I helped with designing a new box for a client and learned alittle bit how to do it on my own. There was a man that gave a presentationabout his new product and he even let us try a few of his new products. Therewhere a lot of new products. I really liked it and gave me a whole new idea.


On my last day in they office I tasted one of the newest products and ittasted delicious . Because it was the last day of week they have a special lunchthey call it frieday it’s the day they eat fries. It was un great experience Ilearned a lot and I think I have a better vision for the future.  


Hope to see you all in the future maybe as employee of Snackbox :)


Stijn Höngens

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