Internship at Snackboxtogo

Internship at Snackboxtogo

Hello i am Bas Kosterman and I am 14 years old and I have done a internship this week by Snackboxtogo and I hope you like my blog. I was very curious what I could expect because this was my first real internship.

On the first day I was in a meeting online with Customer from Japan. That was very nice and I have met a lot of people around the whole world also from China and India. I had to enter a lot of date from the companies in the system.  

On the next day I have searched for certificates for the quality handbook. That were a lot of companies and it was very nice but difficult. I wrote a lot of mails to a ot of companies in different languages. My English is not very good but I tried my best:). In French it was a little bit easier.  

On day 3 I have created a new product. I had to think a lot but in the end I figured it out. It must be something vegan. After much thinking I knew it… It must be a combination vegan box. I’m not vegetarian myself but I think it is very important to eat a vegan product sometimes. It was fun to design a product from begin to end. 

On day 4Matt helped me with making a design for the product. I liked the design very much. I have completed and checked my PowerPoint presentation, I think that it is very beautiful. Now I am finishing this blog about my internship for this week. I want to thank the internship supervisors and the colleagues for the nice week!

Bas Kosterman

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