Snackboxtogo NPD Update March 2021: Onboard Soup

Snackboxtogo NPD Update March 2021: Onboard Soup

I do not want to bore you with my childhood memories however I do think you can only make GREAT food if you have passion and love for what you do… When I was a young boy we would always go to my Grandfather and Grandmother in the weekend. We had a long drive and when we arrived at their house in Utrecht my grandfather was already waiting at the door his arms wide spread to welcome his grandchildren. When entering the typical ‘30’s house the smell of Fresh boiled vegetable soup filled my nose.

The soup was my grandfather’s pride, my grandmother always made all other dishes but the soup was his job… He had carefully selected all vegetables at the food market in the city went to the best butcher for his meat (mostly he would buy of his clients) as he was an insurance agent. The care he took making a solid broth for his soup was almost like a synchronized dance between him and his ingredients.

Whenever I am busy with soup I always find myself going back to that happy place of my childhood. I am so proud to announce that we have created some superb soups where we have put all our heart and soul in… and it shows... filled with real chunks of veggies and chicken.

We can offer you the following flavours:

  • Thai Chicken soup 

Fresh and crisp vegetables with a bite combined with the rich flavour of coconut. You immediately taste the lemongrass, the chili and the firm whole muscle chicken. The first spoon takes you back to the fields of Thailand.

  • Tomato Mozzarella soup

Big red and ripe pomodori tomatoes mixed with garlic and basil give the rich taste to this simple but underestimated Italian classic. Enriched with real buffalo mozzarella you feel like the warm Italian sun is heating your body.

  • Pumpkin and cream soup

What a classic made from Pumpkin and carrots straight from the field you taste the butter onions and rich cream straight away, just a little black pepper salt and garlic finishes this true autumn classic.

Try them all and you know this is not instant soup!

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