Rösti Snack Balls

This rösti snack Snackboxtogo product is produced CO2 neutral in a rösti fabric in the Alps and is a tasty combination between high quality rösti and delicious cream cheese. We have prebaked the rösti snack in sunflower oil and will deliver the product frozen to your cold store. Whether you have a buy-on-board menu or you are looking for a new complementary product, our rösti snack can be your tasty new product on the menu. This rösti snack can be served on a plate for first class or business class, but in a snackbox for economy class as well. Since this rösti snack product has a high culinary status, we see this product particularly in business class and first class, where it is served as a side for diner or lunch. However the rösti snack can be served in trains as well! We have extensively tested the rösti snacks in our test kitchen including an airline oven, so we can provide you with all the details you need to know before you will test it yourself. Besides that this rösti snack is free of glutens and fits vegetarian people as well since it does not contain any meat! The weight of one piece is between 22 grams and 35 grams, so it is easy to decide the size of your portion. We can recommend you some tempting combinations with this rösti snack since we combine them in snack boxes with other products as well. This solution will give you a whole meal in a snack box, with products of your choice. To give you a complete idea of our rösti snack, we have made a short description for you: Spherical Alpine Rösti filled with the best cream cheese and chives, pre-baked in natural sunflower oil - frozen. / Rösti Snack Bacon & Cheese: frozen Spherical Alpine Rösti filled with tasteful Austrian cheese and bacon, pre-baked in natural sunflower oil - frozen. / Mini-Rösti pocket with a filling of hummus and green wave vegetables, pre baked in sunflower oil, deep-frozen. If you like this product or you have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page in the menu above!

Rösti Snack BallsRösti Snack BallsRösti Snack BallsRösti Snack BallsRösti Snack Balls
Piece Weight:
22g / 35g
Rösti Snack Balls
Rösti Snack Balls
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Rösti Snack Balls

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