How to implement sustainability in my inflight menu, within the current budget?

How to implement sustainability in my inflight menu, within the current budget?

If we talk sustainability, we can all agree on the fact that we have to face it whether we like it or not. But with this as one of the many criteria a product has to meet, it is not possible to just focus on sustainability and forget about the rest. It would be perfect to replace all products to a sustainable option, but since some sustainable solutions are in early stages, the costs are extensive. In today’s world the real question is, how do I spread my priorities within the current budget?

Therefore we will have to see it as a long term process, which improves overtime. With the goal being 100% sustainable in your determined period of time.


Inflight snacks and meals

Speaking of inflight snacks and meals, which improvements are achievable with the current developments in the market in combination with the current budget?

A recent improvement Snackboxtogo made is the replacement of all primary product packaging for 100% recyclable options, within the set price points.

In order to meet our sustainability plan we are continuously making improvements to the products on many levels.


CO2 Neutral production

Besides packaging the carbon footprint of the product production is a less visible, but for certain very important part of the way to a 100% sustainable onboard menu.

Therefor Snackboxtogo introduced a complete special meal line, which tick all the allergy boxes and is produced with the lowest possible CO2 emission possible (80-90% less than usual).

The remaining emission is compensated by financial support of nature restoring projects worldwide.



Another invisible part of the carbon footprint is transport. In aviation this is an important part of the pie. Improvements are being made in this field as well, but until we reach sustainable transport we always like to keep the transport lines as short as possible!

One of the projects that highlights what is to win in this part is our cashew nut project.


The normal transport line of a cashew nut is from the harvest country, to mostly Vietnam to roast, afterwards to China to be packed. From there it finds its way to the consuming country in Europe.

However we harvest, roast and pack all in Mozambique and ship it directly to Europe in order to reduce the transport emission massively!


Besides the emission reduction, 90% of the distributed profits go back to the community in Mozambique throughout different projects.

For example the built of ‘sunshine houses’ where we create new families by combining 5-6 orphans with a widow, which are both repudiated in Mozambique.



Time is key for the sustainability developments. The more awareness, the more development will take place.

The aviation industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world and we are certain that sustainability is one of the showcases of that.

What is your standpoint on the right balance between costs and sustainability?

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