What Product combinations should be on the BUY ON BOARD listed for every airline?

What Product combinations should be on the BUY ON BOARD listed for every airline?

Again, a though question asked by my colleagues. I immediately ask myself how is Buy on Board different from complementary on board?? Buy on board naturally costs more money but do airlines in Buy on board take different products on board than Complementary?

The biggest difference between both Complementary and BOB is Waste!

Airlines naturally try to prevent this and are looking for more sustainable and ambient solutions to prevent waste.


But let’s get back to the point what should airlines list and how can you make a good honest profit?

The first and most common thing is being put on the nr 1 spot in my humble opinion. They call it the black gold. As it is mostly just water the airlines can earn a fortune on this and I think it would be wise to do so as the waste can be brought back to a minimum with this first combo deal !


NR 1   COFFEE and Cake

Who does not love a fresh brewed coffee with a big piece of Chocolatecake?

It has been proved that selling combination of products will boost your sales as people are experiencing the combination as more value for money ;)

For example, we produce really moist ambient cakes with 6 months ambient shelf life.


NR 2 Crisps or nuts and Soda

Margins on soft drinks, bottled water etc. are good. It is ambient and easy to sell with crisps as a combo meal deal. So again, lowering the risk and increasing your profit. We are developing a crisp box for sales onboard I cannot say anything yet but I will be sure to show you our progress real soon .. (crisp and nut wise )


NR 3 Good old Sandwich

What if you are really HUNGRY, so no snack time. I think a good sandwich will always do the job and tic all the boxes for Man, Women or Chilled.... Just a quick heat up in the oven and your stomach will be filled with warm oven cooked sandwich and fill you with Joy !


The above will set a solid base for your BOB programs. I always advise to keep it straight and simple. Make sure the quality is top. You can never make a bad product out of good ingredients!


I am really curious how you as blog readers think about the above, 

Please let me know!


Lots of love,


Team Snackboxtogo.com

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