Inflight snacks: Would you choose for a fresh or frozen product?

Inflight snacks: Would you choose for a fresh or frozen product?

Until today, fresh food is used on a large scale for inflight snacks all over the world. But is this still the best way to handle your supply chain? And is the perception - we have with fresh food - correct? These questions are already alive for a few decades and the perceptions on this matter are divergent. However, lets zoom in on the inflight catering industry and highlight the pros and cons of both sides.

Buy-on-Board menu

First of all the complex distribution, every product has to get through in this category, before it finally gets onboard of the aircraft. In order to supply efficiently from the central DC’s to all the operational hubs across the continent, time is of the essence. In these situations fresh food is often not even an option, due to a too short shelf life.

Therefor the race is between the longest possible shelf life in your supply chain with frozen options, or the benefit of long onboard storage with an ambient product.


Second-service snacks – Complimentary snacks

It is this category that makes it interesting. The volumes per flight are mostly stable and the estimated total volume per month is often known beforehand. Therefor you would say a fresh option is perfect, isn’t it?

In theory it is! But there are some great benefits at the frozen side here as well.


The shelf life for most frozen products is 12 to 18 months, which brings a lot of flexibility into your distribution and timeline. Instead of the few days you have with a fresh product. The waste is better manageable with a frozen item, because it can be kept when unplanned cancellations occur.

Besides this the difference in freshness between fresh and frozen is little to non!


Snackboxtogo offers a whole range of frozen snacks, which can be delivered per pallet to every airport hub in Europe. We are happy to advice you in the broad possibilities of the frozen-fresh snacks!

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