What is Fairtrade? In a ''cashew'' nutshell ;)

What is Fairtrade? In a ''cashew'' nutshell ;)

The question keeping me occupied lately is FAIR TRADE!! Shouldn’t trade always be fair? I personally have a saying which our business always uses, knowing: IF EVERYBODY EARNS SOMETHING NOBODY WILL COMPLAIN! But what is the general perception of what FAIRTRADE means?

Trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers.

In my opinion Developed or not developed we should always do businessfair.. Fair in prices but also in how we treat each other.. Because when you are the buyer it does not mean you can exploit people asking to do unreasonable things.


Lucky for me my partner in the business is on the same line and we have some core values deeply embedded within our company:


We believe, we have hope and are looking out to help people, we dream to make this happen and most of all we Act accordingly.


Earning money is not a bad thing but it comes also with a responsibility towards others. Giving does not make you poor it enriches your life…


Back to the business side of things..



Via a sponsoring we do for a non profit organization we came in contact with a superb project that represents all we want to stand for.

It is a project in Mozambique where they grow cashew nuts normally they sent them around the world to be roasted packed etc.. The local community receive just little for the unroasted product..


With this new project the local community does not only grow but also roasts packs and ships the goods themselves keeping all profit within the community and making way for not only a better product ( as it is not exhausted by shipping across the world ) and roasting it directly.. But also making sure the local people get the best possible deal..


Interested?? We sell this product in 30 gram bags in multiple flavors..

Ideal for traveling.. Are you the next person spreading the sunshine?


Lots of love,


Team Snackboxtogo

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