Brexit preparations Snackboxtogo

Brexit preparations Snackboxtogo

Since last year we are busy with the preparations for Brexit to be able to deliver to the UK with the new rules and restrictions etc. The reason we write this article, is to give you an idea of our transport opportunities to the UK. Besides that, as a trusted partner in transport and delivery, it is important to be transparent about your approach in cases like this!

In cases like Brexit there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of different stories spread throughout the news.

All the different stories and scenarios didn’t make it easy to prepare in a concrete way. So it was, in our opinion, necessary to prepare for more than one scenario, instead of what we thought would happen.

We started with some analysis of the different roads that were possible at that moment. For each different possibility we made a plan to continue our UK transports. In this way we could not be surprised by whatever decision the government would make. Also throughout the whole time we had really close contact with our transporter, so we can shift fast between our made plans before the Brexit started. Since 1 January 2021 we use a system that does not allow to book our transport until all required documents are complete and ready to show to customs etc. This gives us a proper overview and a watertight structure, to send all our goods with success to the UK!

At this moment we have executed many transports to the UK and all with success. We are happy to say that our preparations were a success and will cover the future deliveries with certainty!

Are you looking for certainty and a trusted and transparent partner for the future? You can always contact us for more information!

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