Can you serve the same food in every continent?

Can you serve the same food in every continent?

The airline industry is the biggest connector of all the continents in the world. This beautiful job comes with challenges, because what can you serve onboard that will satisfy every passenger? And what is the best way to build up the onboard menu?

This is our experience, we do this every day!

To deliver quality food inflight, you need to understand that we are dealing with a lot of different people and cultures, who all come together to eat our dishes onboard of a plane! Since we are a European based company, it doesn’t mean the whole world likes what we like. We take our job to connect the world very serious and we immerse ourselves with different food cultures to serve the complete world on its best! Naturally you are not only looking at taste but also at religion (Halal, Kosher, Indian) – or things like Vegetarian and Vegan.

Also people can be lactose intolerant etc...

To take you deeper in the process of this topic, we want to give an example of our method for development of new products.

The first step is to pick a product that is loved all over the world. One of our specialties is 'best fries in the sky'. This product will become nice and crispy if you bake them in an airline oven! So this product can be a perfect base to develop products for different continents! It is Vegetarian and Vegan and Halal at the same time (a wide base).

The next step is to give the product a more specific taste per continent with an additive taste. And fortunately we have more than 20 years’ experience in the international food business, what is helping us a lot on this development step! The additives are easy to change per continent.

To stick with the example of the fries, this is what our development team has made up to serve the world in Snackboxtogo style:

  • South Africa: [Slapchips this would be chunky Snackboxtogo fries with white vinegar] 🍟
  • Asia: [Snackboxtogo fries finished with an curry or Wasabi flavoured spices] 🍟
  • Australia and UK: [Snackboxtogo fries with battered Fish and Vinegar] 🍟
  • Europe: [Snackboxtogo fries with Mayo or Curry] 🍟
  • Canada: [Snackboxtogo fries Poutine style] 🍟
  • United States and South America: [Snackboxtogo Chilli fries] 🍟
  • South Korea: [Snackboxtogo fries with Honey butter] 🍟
  • Greece: [Snackboxtogo fries with Gyros] 🍟
  • Philippines: [Snackboxtogo fries with Banana Ketchup] 🍟

Work with us and we can create your own regional fries to give you your own signature.

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