Perfect Panini in the Sky

Perfect Panini in the Sky

At Snackboxtogo we are always looking to do things different and better ;) . So our panini is actually a ciabatta !! .. Sound strange? Maybe just because of this it is the best in the world 😉.

Indeed it may sound strange we are using a Ciabatta and calling it a panini, lol, but we have a good explanation for this...

We are using the Ciabatta because of several reasons, knowing it’s shape and it’s fluffy open structure. The rectangle tailor made shape makes it possible to stack this bread product perfectly on a skid. Also the artisanal look makes you want to dive in directly.

To make sure you get the best taste way up in the sky, we use the bestCheddar which has much more taste than normal gouda cheese. For Ham we use the best York ham, mildly seasoned, unsmoked and cooked to perfection keeping the pure meat taste.

At Snackboxtogo we do not end with just ingredients, we also have our own designer who will create the best custom made packaging for our clients.The packaging we use for the panini has a partial open part where you can seethe product and a part of 100% paper which gives the traditional look and feel. All certified for the airline oven for at least 30 min.

Naturally we do not only make Ham and Cheese panini’s, but we can supply a wide variety of fillings and create the flavour your customers love.

You want a Halal Ham Cheese Panini? Naturally we can make this happen using turkey ham, we are always looking for possibilities to please our customers.

Can we serve you with our delicious Panini’s?

Panini Ham & Cheese

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