A small step for a single fry but a giant leap for the Quick microwave fries!

A small step for a single fry but a giant leap for the Quick microwave fries!

Product development how does such a process work? And how do you achieve things or notice where and when you need to innovate? Below I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane and explain how we became the “best Fries in the sky”!

It was some years after the millennium and introduction of the EURO, technology was hot. Innovation and changing the world was our goal in this new millennium!

Our core business was selling containers with fries worldwide and our business had not had seen any true innovation what so ever in decades besides some new flavoured fries and fries with coatings. Margins were thin in the fries business and you really needed to hit volumes in order to make any living.

We wanted to make fries without coatings, 100% natural which did not need a deep fat fryer and still we could serve a good crispy fries in a short time span...

Microwave was our solution, we started the development of the microwave French fries together with a Swedish partner and we managed to produce fries crispy from the microwave. We really thought we hit the Jackpot. Microwave penetration was good in the EU and a lot of retailers were really enthusiastic about Microwave ideas. To make microwave fries without any coating or specially designed packaging was truly revolutionary. Our microwave product was reviewed really well and still our microwave products are top of the line... But for us this was not enough we wanted more...

In a brainstorm session we asked the question: Where do we have the ability to sell fries where no fries are being sold, but still have a great number of people present who needed to eat?

And then it hit us... We need to take it to the SKY!

We started to provide Ryan Air “Europe largest airline” with Fries and build this out allover the world. As crown on the job we were voted Best economic snack meal in the airline industry in 2017. With the airline on track we kept focused in promoting our quick fries and microwave fries. The next big thing was the Air fryer from Philips where our fries, WITHOUT coating 100% natural, just need 3 minutes: the fastest fries on the planet. We have some big projects coming up in Asia / Oceania and Americas, I would like to tell you more details but we are bound to confidentiality.

Make no mistake our quick microwave fries will keep concurring the world, you have not heard the last of us 😁

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